Muhammad made several concessions to the Jews, Christians, and Arabs in an attempt to make them accept Islam.  He made these concessions because he desired to expand the Islamic faith and promote his doctrine.  Some of the concessions only promoted hostility from the Muslims and the other peoples.  He threw out some of the concessions and returned to his original revelations. 

Muhammad conceded to the Jews by adopting many of the Old Testament prophets as messengers of Allah.  He also included the celebration of Yom Kippur.  He added and incorporated Biblical accounts into the Koran.

Muhammed tried to appease the Christians by claiming Christ was a messenger of Allah.  He preached that Christ was a good man but not God’s Son.  He commanded his followers to initially pray toward Jerusalem but this was eventually revoked.

Muhammed also brought in Arab traditions by keeping Ramadan, the Ka’ba, the Black Stone, and the three daughters of Allah.  After opposition to the goddesses, Muhammed claimed that he had made a mistake and he abrogated the text.

The Jews and Christians continued to reject the Muslim faith despite the concessions made by Muhammed, but the Arabs were eventually won over.

– Hannah S. Bowers