Allah claims to enter into a personal relationship with his followers.  Christians also claim a personal relationship with god.  Yet these two ideas are completely different.

Muslims claim to have a spirit of Allah with them as they submit to him throughout their lives.  In Islam, man’s sin is a choice since he was not born a sinner.  Sin is merely choosing not to submit to Allah.  If a Muslim wishes to “atone” for his sin, he must merely resubmit himself to Allah.  When a Muslim dies, his works are weighed against his sins.  If he is worthy of paradise (not heaven) then he will live there.  Allah does not dwell in paradise.  There is no certainty of paradise for the Muslim.  Once paradise is obtained, Allah can still choose to cast man into hell because Allah is all-powerful.  Muslims cannot pray for others because Allah might become angry with them.

Christians have the Holy Spirit living within them after salvation, and they can communicate with God personally. Because man was born with a sin nature, God sent His Son, Jesus Christ, to die for man’s sin.  Christ’s resurrection and payment allow man to be saved from his sin.  Once man dies, he goes to heaven to live with God for all of eternity.  Salvation is final and offers eternal security.

– Hannah S. Bowers