Whispers-of-the-Bayou-9780736918794Whispers of the Bayou by Mindy Starns Clark

Miranda Miller wasn’t looking for the news the day the letter came. But, trying to survive in troubled circumstances, she welcomes the chance to change her location for a period of time. The letter informs her that her grandparents’ estate is finally about to become hers. She immediately heads down to Louisiana and the old house by the bayou. There Miranda finds secrets that lead to life-changing revelations.

This suspenseful story reminiscent of old Gothic tales has a complex mystery and a vivid sense of the Deep South. It shows how God can take the darkest circumstances and use them to light a bright path leading to the future.

I was hooked from page one.  The Cajun setting of this novel struck a cord as it tells of the Arcadian heritage and the establishment of Louisiana.  Mindy Starns Clark carefully wove suspense and unexpected events into the story to create a twisted thriller.  A must read for everyone who likes a good historical fiction filled with suspense.

– Hannah S. Bowers